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We are proud of our customers and their pets. It seems that they are proud of us as well. These reviews are from our Facebook page and they show us that we are doing the right thing. A well trained, and happy puppy is a great addition to a family.

Kristine J
April 2021
Renja is absolutely amazing and we just love her!!!! Roxy is learning so much and is becoming such a happier did with so much love and structure!!!!
Andreas G
March 2021


Das beste Hundetraining was ich je gesehen habe. Sehr professionell geile lokaschion ein Platz den man gesehen haben muss, sehr empfehlenswert.
The best dog training I've ever seen. Very professionally awesome location a place you have to see, highly recommended.
Sonja J
April 2021.
Renja is such a pleasure to work with! Truly an expert. Huntsville is lucky to have her!
Tiffany S
January 2021

 We had our first training session with Renja and boy did we have a great time. This little fur baby has so much energy I can't wait until we get him tired LMAO. looking forward to socializing with the team. Thanks Renja so glad I found you!

Michelle A
September 2020
I love Ace-K9-Training. Renja is awesome. Madra went from a leash puller, undisciplined, unsocialized dog to a happy, well adjusted, let's go for a walk, want to see my friends, come on mom let's go shopping, loveable member of our family. We can take her anywhere and know she is going to listen and behave. Thank you so much for training not only my dog, but teaching me to be a good dog parent! I am so happy with her training and looking forward to every new skill she and I get to learn.
Angela R
September 2020
They are great to work with. Excellent dog skills, great with your dog,, highly recommend.
Eboni M 
November 2020
We recently adopted a puppy from the HGHS and we started having some issues 5wks in. They recommended this training company and I wish we started sooner!! Renja came to our house and her expertise is evident from the moment she walks in. We are signing the dotted line after just one session! We are excited for our pup to feel confident in us!
David B
September 2020
Great personal training for your dog. Renja sets training to what you and your dog need at the pace that can be handled. She really cares about your dog. We went from our 80lb puppy dragging us for a walk to us taking a walk with him and lots of compliments on how well behaved he is. Now we don't have to fear future walks in public or on difficult terrain with a stronger bigger adult dog.
 Afton T
September 2020
Renja is a miracle worker!!! She has done wonders with my aggresive dog. We can now go in public and to the dog park without fear. Recommend 10 out of 10!!!!
Shelli M
September 2020
she's very professional. Her work was incredibly a must. call her today.
Natalie W
August 2020
I love ACE-K9 training!! I've seen so much improvement throughout the past few weeks! Would definitely recommend!
Sabine H
June 2020
The owner, Renja Schmitt is:
•. Excellent communicator with pet and owner
•. Creative with techniques to accomplish goals for pet and owner
•. Timely, very important!
•. Amenable to schedule changes
If you are not serious about working with your pet between sessions don’t waste everyone’s time. Look at this as an investment that will reward you for a lifetime with your pet.
Scott W
September 2020
Today we received one of the best complements you can receive while walking your 8 month old puppy. “That is a well behaved puppy”. All while doing our progressive training. It is truly a testament to the love ACE-K9-Training gives to our puppies and their older siblings. Who by the way love to participate and enjoy the treats as well. They truly love what they do and enjoy showing you how to train you loved ones. Highly recommend to anyone who has a new puppy or older dog that you think may not be trainable. Thank you ACE-K9-Training, looking forward to the next training event.
Kat S
June 2020
I highly recommend Renja as your pup trainer!!
Ralph W
May 2020
Renja has made progress with our stubborn pooch, Ted.