Loving your dog “almost” as much as you do, we strive on an environment where everyone feels like family.   We at Ace K9 Training live this vision daily.  We love what we do and the place we do it.  Our facility and trainers offer something for every dog.  We accept all breeds because we love them all.  We strive to train with you while helping you to understand our method and the pack animal behaviors. We work hard to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners by building and improving the bonds they share.  

At Ace K-9 Training you will experience a highly motivated team of trainers that treat everyone with respect in an atmosphere that is clean, inviting, and comfortable with the conveniences to train no matter the weather.   We hold friendly competitive tournaments so you can show off your pup’s hard work all while have fun learning yourself with your fur baby at your side.  There is no “wrong” time to start training so why put off tomorrow what you can start today?  Explore our webpage and learn what all we can offer you and your pup.  

Still want to know more???  Click on the photos below so you can learn a little about us individually or the “Contact Us” link so we can talk.  We can not wait to meet you and your fur baby.

  • Renja Schmitt

    Renja Schmitt

    • Michelle Akin

      Michelle Akin

    • Neena McCay

      Neena McCay

    • Jim Boyd

      Jim Boyd

    • Noelle Jacoby

      Noelle Jacoby