Do you want your dog to be a polite K9 member of society so you can take them with you almost anywhere?  Come see what this class can do for your dog's socialization skills in a group environment.  


A 1 hour per week for 6 weeks program designed with you in mind. Training will be held onsite and at offsite public locations that will be designated by your trainer.

In class you will work on 10 CGC skills that will help your dog's behavior and skills that are essential for any outings.  The dogs will learn how to walk with a loose leash, sit while you may hold conversations with the friend you just happened to run into, go into a dog friendly store without fear of your dog getting into something, or just sitting down at an outdoor café for a drink while your pups lays next you with out issues.  

All these polite and wanted behaviors can be achieved through this program.  Once the 6 weeks is done, the CGC testing will be held onsite at ACE.  Our certified AKC CGC evaluator will present to you the ribbon and certificate of completion after passing the test and this allows you to officially TITLE your dog as a AKC Canine Good Citizen. 

What are you waiting for??  Let’s go have some fun.


Group Training    6 Weeks and includes public training    1 session per week    5 dogs in a group    $295 total