What is Nose Work you asked??  Well, that is easy…

Nose work is an activity that allows your dog to use their strong power and natural instinct to hunt and their natural sense of smell to locate and identify scents.  A dog's nose is very powerful furthermore, they also have four times the brain power devoted to processing what they smell.  It is appropriate for any dog; no matter their age, breed or size.   This class can benefit your dog by relaxing them, providing exercise, stimulate their brain and teach them how to confidently work independently and solve problems.  This can be done for fun/exercise or for competition and title achievement opportunities.  

Fun Facts: Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to the 5 to 6 million in humans.  A dog’s nose is estimated to be between 100000 and 100 million times more sensitive that a human's nose.  

Here at ACE we have several levels of Nose work classes so you can continue and work your way up the levels all while both you and your canine partner have all the fun.

This will also be a six week class /1 hour per week. No more than 4 dogs in a class.
However fun Nose work is, this along with most classes require consistency followed up at home.

There are two routes to take for Nose Work:  Scent or Narcotics.

Group Training    6 Weeks    1 session per week    4 dogs in a group    $295 total