This training differs from the others as this is personal one on one training.  There are no other dogs in a class type environment.  This is for all ages of dogs/breeds and is flexible to your schedule.  You will receive 2 one-hour sessions per week for 3 months.  ( 4 weeks = 1 training month).

This training is beneficial if there is Reactive Problems or behavior issues that may not thrive in a class environment.  We offer this class to be totally flexible to the specific training needs and wishes of the dog/handler.  You receive undivided attention from your personal trainer during your scheduled time.

You have multiple dogs in your home???  No problem, we can rotate dogs through out the sessions so all dogs in the home.

Personal Trainer    1 month    2 sessions per week    8 Sessions    $550 per month

Personal Trainer    3 month    2 sessions per week    24 Sessions    $500 per month

Personal Trainer    6 month    2 sessions per week    48 Sessions    $450 per month