Are you and your pup ready to impress your friends and family?

This class is a fantastic way to teach your canine family member different tricks all which improves your communication as a team, increases your bond and confidence levels. You can improve your dog's ability to listen, follow directions and “work” with you.  Your pup will have fun engaging with you while you are rewarding them with pawsitive reinforcements.

Any dog can learn and perfect new tricks even older dogs.  That’s right, it doesn’t matter if your dog is 4 months or 10 years old.  They can still enjoy this energetic, fun, and mentally stimulating class.

There are many levels of trick classes, so you don’t have to be on your own.  We can be there with you along the way.  Whether you want to just build a better bond, communication, just for fun or if you would like to take this to competitions.  We can offer exciting enrichment filled classes to help guide your to either direction you want to go.

1 hour per week for 6 weeks.
While you can start training tricks at any age, the earliest an AKC Trick Dog title will be awarded by AKC is 4 months.

AKC Titles that can be earned by continuing training are listed below:

AKC Novice Trick Dog  AKC Trick Dog Performer
AKC Intermediate Trick Dog     AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer

AKC Advanced Trick Dog    

Group Training    6 Weeks    1 session per week    4 dogs in a group    $295 total